"Connie Corbin has been our Practice Management Consultant for several years now. I bought my practice from a retiring dentist, and knew I needed help from the beginning to start my new practice off right. Connie's years of experience, knowledge, persistence and enthusiasm make her an outstanding dental practice analysist. She was able to understand and sympathize with the difficult situations we faced as a Transition office. She was instrumental in taking my practice to the next level quickly by implementing systems and setting goals. She was there to guide us every step of the way.
   Her passion for dentistry and her positive attitude and encouragement has carried us through many periods of frustration. She is able to maintain an atmosphere of confidence and personal respect for everyone, which has resulted in a very comfortable working relationship.
  Connie has my highest recommendation as a Management Consultant, Trusted Advisor, and friend."
Brent Swinney, DDS~765.962.3000

"What a difference Connie Corbin has made in my office! What a gem I've found! She absolutely knows her way around a dental office. Her sparkling personality and positive attitude make the assessment and training smooth, productive and fun. She puts the staff at ease, gets them on board, makes them feel comfortable and not threatened by the consulting process. Her unique teaching ability just seems to inspire and motivate people into action.
   Her keen insight spotted the problem areas in my practice right away, and a customized plan was smoothly and quickly implemented.
   My actual production and collections grew by 150K the first year Connie was here that was WOW for me! The practice continues to grow, our patient retention has increased and our TEAM morale and effectiveness has strengthened tremendously.
   By uniting the departments or our office, Connie has instilled a vested VALUE in each distinct area, and educated everyone about the important role each one plays in every single patient's experience.
   Connie has been instrumental in taking my practice to new levels of production and profitability, while reducing our general level of stress. Her years of experience and knowledge have proven to be unsurpassed.
   Connie Corbin has my highest recommendation as a Management Consultant. I foresee her having much success in her business endeavors. You can certainly be confident and safe bringing Connie to your office."
Bruce E Jones, D.D.S.~ 812.288.8131

“It is a pleasure to recommend Connie Corbin of Dental Solutions, Inc. Connie's passion about the "business-end" of dentistry has earned my support and referrals to my accounts through our 20+ year relationship. Connie's clinical background gives her the advantage to understand all aspects of the dental office. --As a "Trusted Dental Advisor" for my accounts, it is important to me to be as comprehensive with support as possible. Having Connie as my local Team Member for practice dental solutions, I can efficiently have them taken care of when timely issues arise. She has raised several accounts from one doctor, one assistant, one front office to multi doctor and multi staff practice by implementing systems and monitoring them. I can confidently recommend Connie to any of my accounts and know that they are in good hands.”
Teri Dervenis Territory Representative Patterson Dental Indianapolis, IN

“Connie has always been a trusted resource for me and the dentists she serves. I would recommend her to anyone in need of guidance in dental productivity. Her experience as a trainer and consultant matched with her communication skills are a ideal solution for the dental practice.”
Thad Miller –Founder - DDS Match

“Connie has the ability to see solutions to problems before they become major issues. She also has a very practical approach to these solutions and she is extremely well received by the clients she serves.”
Steve Stucky Owner, Ent & Imler CPA Group

“As a CPA and small business owner myself, I have worked with Connie for many years. She is a well respected advisor to me and my clients and I value her expertise immensely. Connie’s efficient and direct approach is appreciated by both dentists and their professional advisors. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking practice management strategies.”
Linda Leuck, Certified Public Accountant

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